The Beagle Motor Inn takes it’s name from the HMS Beagle a ship closely linked with the history of the Northern waters of Australia.

First launched from England on the 11th of May 1820, The Beagle was tasked with surveying the waters of the Southern hemisphere including South America, Australia & Africa. The ship was a Cherokee Class 1-gun brig-sloop weighing 235 tonnes. 

Its second voyage included the famed circumnavigation of the world with botanist Charles Darwin, documenting the exploration & botany of the trip in his book Journal & Remarks. 

During the Beagle’s third voyage the Northern waters of Australia were explored and Commander Wickham named The Beagle Gulf, after the ship & the Port of Darwin, in memory of his friend Charles Darwin.

The Beagle was decommissioned in 1845 & retired to the English Coastguard.